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BBC. Beaches Be Crazy. Or, Busua Beach Club

14 Nov
This past weekend I had the chance to get to the beach in Busua. It’s a gorgeous resort about 30minutes drive* from Takoradi (one of the main ports and the fourth largest city in Ghana). 

Takoradi night life. It's all happening at Vienna City


I’ve been working seven days a week for the past month so needed this mini-break like Kate Moss needs a Big Mac.


Abokwa Island - the tiny dot in the middle


After a different kind of Saturday night in Takoradi – which at one stage included the unfortunate discovery of some Ghanaians with American accents attempting karaoke – a Sunday afternoon spent drinking whiskey and eating freshly-caught lobster on the beach was a not such a shabby way to end a weekend.

Busua Beach


Hand-made fishing boats


Looks tame, but it'll steal your swimwear


and if losing a bikini to a rough Atlantic Ocean was the worst of it, I say “Life’s a beach. Let’s do it again tomorrow!”


Ye little surf shoppe


 * Or more. Or less. But who’s counting when you’ve got a great view and the scenery outside the car ain’t too bad either  *wink*


Sunset at Takoradi Beach

Look it:

Busua Beach

Takoradi on Wikipedia



Advice from an old lady

14 Nov

This is definitely my favourite Post Secret this week


Carpe diem


I might just



My should-have-been dog

5 Nov

If pets look like their owners, then this should be my dog…





…blonde, and too tall for my bed.



Red Hot Movember

3 Nov

A few weeks ago, I was working from home with the telly on in the background. MTV was playing music videos (who knew they still did that?) when a song started that I thought I recognised from the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album, but… No, wait! Who is that? NOOOO! That can’t be Anthony Kiedis! What is on his face?!?

RHCP music video for ‘The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie’

Since that day, I have been thinking (and Googling) a lot about moustaches, and men that can pull them off.

Ashamed as I am to even be admitting this to myself, I have come to somewhat like those fuzzy little lip blankets. My absolute favourite, of course, is the Tom Selleck 

“Yeah, can’t talk now, must-dash”


Magnum P.I.’s stache is the most glorious collection of face hair I have ever seen on the lip of a fully-grown human being (bar Mish to the D‘s Movember Twitter avatar).

Love your work, Mish!

But back to Mr Selleck. Whilst searching for images of the mane man, I mistakenly typed ‘Tom Sellers’ which led to the accidental discovery of the true Anthony Kiedis look-alike. None other than the Pink Panther. I mean talk about separated-at-birth, hellooo?!

Or is it just me that sees it? Yes? No? Dead Ant??

And while we’re on French characters, how about that impressive follicle action next to the nose of Monsieur Marc Lièvremont, at the recent Rugby World Cup 

Marc Lièvremont

French media tribute Marc Lièvremont


History of the moustache

Direct copy and paste from Wikipedia reveals that “shaving with stone razors was technologically possible from Neolithic times, but the oldest portrait showing a shaved man with a moustache is an ancient Iranian horseman from 300 BC.” 

Pazyryk felt artifact, ca. 300 BC. horseman with wonsal style moustache


Let’s see, 2011+300… that’s over two thousand, three hundred years of snorre in vogue. Show me any other trends that have lasted as long.

And the evolution of it! The styles! The Facebook appreciation societies!!

There is so much more to this vast subject than a simple blog post can cover in a stolen moment from counting bricks.

So I will leave it here with a Merry Movember, y’all!

May you grow such furry Flavour Savers that your own mothers recognise you not!

Best part – it’s for a good cause | Face Grown & Hand Brushed

In support of Movember, I will be….

painting my nails…

...let's not get out of hand, I am a lady, after all

(Thank you Dean Oelschig for this inspiration)

Found a few funny sites worth having a look at for some ideas, tips, motivation, amusement…

Beard Revue

Moustaches (according to Wikipedia)

Snorgustus – it already started in August!

Fake Moustaches at Oppikoppi

This site for year-round tashe praise and a competition to boot:  Bangers and Nash

Mo the force be with you, Fashionistas Moustachionistas!!

Style Guide 2011


Jonah Hill & Elmo modelling the latest 'imperial' line


Looney Tunes' Yosimite Sam. Who says kids can't learn anything from watching cartoons?


Androgyny is so in this month


A young 'Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV'


McSteamy *drool* (I had to)


Moustacha!! Moustacha!! MOUSTACHAAAA!! Brrr..


Chest-stash... I have no words. Only concern.

I heart Jersey Shore

2 Nov

I love it! I love it like I love junk food!

And the main reason for that is because it is so far removed from a life I would ever lead.


The Guido & Guidette lifestyle of dancing like you’re mating, getting trolleyed on a daily basis (wait, this I can imagine) and working a dead-end job in between tanning sessions and having your claws groomed. Sounds like that could be fun – for an hour.

The cast of Jersey Shore

 And so I live vicariously through these orange, alien creatures on an alternate universe… Escapism, if you must.


I leave you with this beaut I found on the net today.

Next generation Jersey Shore-ian? Creepy!

The future cast of Jersey Shore